Metrics vs Indicators

As I am currently preparing for a CBAP test and going through BABOK a lot of questions come up. I will use this space to post some of those questions and thoughts and findings I had. One particular question for me was the difference between Metrics and Indicators.

I realized I did not have a good understanding of the difference between the two. BABOK 3 defines a metric as “a quantifiable level of indicator organization uses to measure progress against objective”, an indicator “as result of analyzing of one or more measures for addressing a concern about a need, solution, etc.”. Now we come to a concept of measure that I don’t think BABOK clearly defines but I understand measure as “a quantity /value defined through some tool/approach”

None of those definitions were really clear to me.
After some digging, what seems to be the answer is that a metric is a measured state of some sort of a unit at a given point in time e.g. 10000 page views in a week while indicator is something that actually can be used to judge if you are moving in the right direction. If the objective is 1M page views by end of 2018 and current measure is 200K and weekly growth is 10% that means the objective should be hit as planned

At the same time not all metrics are indicators meaning that not everything we measure is really important.

A few links that helped to figure this out for anyone interested


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